The Law Office of Robert J. Maher, P.C.


Mr Maher represents individual clients in all types of immigration matters, including the representation of clients in removal proceedings, assisting individuals with visa applications and helping clients prepare for interviews with both the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) and U.S. Consulates abroad.

Removal Proceedings

If you or someone you know has committed specific offenses that may allow the US authorities to deport you back to your country of origin, you will need to be represented in immigration court to fight deportation. These legal proceedings are known as "removal proceedings. Read more here about what they entail, and the defenses available to you.

Family Immigration

In a large number of cases, bringing a loved one to the United States as a citizen or permanent resident is a particularly difficult task that involves a variety of challenges. Mr Maher can help you navigate this often confusing and complicated process in order to reach the best potential results.If you are a United States Citizen OR a Permanent Residents and would like to petition for a family member or fiancée,  Mr Maher can assist you with your petition, help you prepare for your interview, Stokes hearing or guide you through the steps associated with Consular Processing if your family member lives overseas.

Read more here about Family Immigration.

EB-1 Visas (Employer-Sponsored Green Card)

EB-1applicants are people with a highly specialized and valuable skill set that makes them unique among employees. If you have an extraordinary ability, are an outstanding professor or researcher, or are a multinational executive or manager, you may qualify for this visa. EB-1 visas are a pathway to getting a green card. Read more here about its application requirements. 

EB-5 Visas (Green Card For Investors)

Mr Maher also guides Investors seeking opportunities in the United States through the EB-5 visa. He assists clients in planning and preparing for their lives in the United States so that the transition is a smooth one. This assistance may include advising clients of the potential estate planning consequences of moving to the United States, assisting with the purchase of a condo, co-op or home or ensuring that the client has been adequately advised of the tax consequences of immigrating to the United States. Read more here about EB-5 visas.

H-1B Visas (Employer-Sponsored Employment Visa)

H1-B visas include a number of different types of visas for businesses, investors, artists, performers, medical professionals, students, and researchers. Mr. Maher assists employers and employees secure and maintain their visas. 

E-3 Visas (Employment Visa for Australians For Specialty Occupation)

Mr Maher has helped Australian nationals with a work visa that is unique to them. The E-3 visa is available to Australians who have an offer of employment from a company in the United States that wishes to employ them for a "specialty occupation". These Australians have the theoretical and practical application of a body of knowledge in that specialty field that their US employer needs. Read more here for how Mr Maher helps Australians secure their E-3 Visas.