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My team and I frequently host in-person presentations as well as webinars on Estate Plannings, during which you can ask me your most pressing questions. These events are purely for educational purposes and do not in any way constitute legal advice. 

NOTE: for 2019, our focus will be on STANDBY GUARDIANSHIP and ESTATE PLANNING FOR FAMILIES (including those in 2nd marriages). Take a look at the calendar below for what’s available this week. I hope you can join us!

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Just One Hour Could Make ALL The Difference to Protecting Your Kids

 If you’re a single parent, and you haven’t appointed a legal guardian for your children, and something happened to you, there is nothing to guarantee that they will be raised by the people you choose to raise and care for them.

And even if you have a partner/spouse you can rely on, it’s not uncommon for life to throw us terrible curve-balls. If something happened to you and your spouse, the law doesn’t automatically give custody and care of your kids to your closest relatives. Not unless you specifically appoint them in a legal document.

This is the simple, hard truth: unless you have Legal Guardianship papers drawn up, you have no guarantee that your kids will be raised by the people you trust.

The good news, however, is that it takes just an hour for you to put together your own Legal Guardianship document:

In just 1 hour, you’ll leave my workshop with a legally enforceable Legal Guardianship document that will protect your children.


  • 15 mins - I explain Legal Guardianship (how it works, why it’s crucial and where it fits in overall legacy planning)

  • 30 minutes - you complete the sections of the draft document I provide to you; I’ll take you through each line, explaining as I go about what factors you need to consider

  • 15 minutes - you ask me your questions, if any.

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