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My team and I frequently host in-person presentations as well as webinars on Estate Plannings, during which you can ask me your most pressing questions. These events are purely for educational purposes and do not in any way constitute legal advice. 

NOTE: for 2019, our focus will be on STANDBY GUARDIANSHIP and ESTATE PLANNING FOR FAMILIES (including those in 2nd marriages). Take a look at the calendar below for what’s available this week. I hope you can join us!

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WEBINAR - Estate Planning for Blended Families of 2nd Marriages or Domestic Partnerships

The trend of blended families has been on the increase in the past decade. Whether re-married or re-partnered, such families are becoming more common.

If you’re in a long-term serious relationship (whether married/re-married or partnered), and have children together and/or have kids from your previous relationships/marriages, estate planning can get tricky. The standard formats in wills, living trusts and guardianship often do not - and can not - apply. But customization requires a firm understanding of how estate law operates, and how each vehicle you use will impact your loved ones’ inheritance and continued well-being should you and/or your partner/spouse pass on suddenly.

Whether you decide to draw up your own estate planning documents or work with an attorney, you’ll need to have specific conversations with your spouse or partner before you embark on the actual planning. This webinar will enable you to do so.

To register, complete and submit the form below (instructions and links for joining the webinar will be e-mailed to you):